Hannah (Tookoolito) was born c. 1838 at Cape Searle off the coast of Baffin Island, Canada. Joe (Ebierbing or Ipiirvik) was born c. 1836 in Qimmiqsut off the coast of Cumberland Sound. They were married according to Inuit custom before 1853 and visited England from 1853 to 1855. They joined Charles Francis Hall on his first Arctic expedition in Frobisher Bay (1860-1862) and accompanied him on two other Arctic expeditions, to northwestern Hudson Bay (1864-1865) and northern Greenland (1871-1873). Their two children died in infancy and a third, Panik (Punna, Sylvia Grinnell), died at the age of nine. Hannah (Tookoolito) died on December 31, 1876. Joe Ebierbing died in the Arctic after 1880.

Kenn Harper

See also Eenoolooapik; Hall, Charles F.; Penny, William

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