Vladimir Bogoraz was born Natan Mendelevich Bogoraz in the small village of Ovruch, northwest of Kiev, Russia, in 1865. At the age of seven, he moved with his family to Taganrog in southern Russia. Through his elder sister, Bogoraz came into contact with the ideas of the revolutionary organizations Zemlya i volya ("Land and Freedom") and Narodnaya volya

("People's Freedom"). When he entered St Petersburg University in the fall of 1880, Bogoraz joined a secret student circle of narodniki (generally translated into English as "populists"). He was subsequently arrested, expelled from the university, and exiled to Rostov on the Don River. At the age of 20, he converted from Judaism to Russian Orthodoxy and changed his name to Vladimir Germanovich Bogoraz so as not to compromise his political underground activities. Another arrest in late 1886 led to 18 months of solitary confinement in the Peter and Paul fortress in St Petersburg and to a sentence of ten years of exile in northeastern Siberia, where Bogoraz arrived in 1889. He was only allowed to return to the Russian capital in 1899.

Bogoraz served as a hospital orderly during World War I and supported the social transformations triggered by the Russian Revolution of 1917. After a period of intense influence and recognition during the 1920s, Bogoraz became the target of Marxist criticism during the subsequent decade. He nevertheless managed to avoid open persecution and died a natural death in 1936.

Peter P. Schweitzer

See also Boas, Franz; Chukchi; Committee of the North; Jesup North Pacific Expedition; Shtern-berg, Lev Yakovlevich

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