James W. Bourque was born in Wandering River, Alberta, Canada, to Mary and Edwin Bourque on December 17, 1935. He learned hunting, trapping, and fishing as a youth. From the age of 18, he served in a variety of political and professional posts, including president of the Fort Chipewyan Hunters and Trappers Association, as park warden in Wood Buffalo National Park (Northwest Territories, Alberta), president of the

Northwest Territories Métis Association, deputy minister of renewable resources for the Government of the Northwest Territories, chairperson of the Commission for Constitutional Development, founder and chairperson of the Fur Institute of Canada, and co-director of policy for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. In honor of his distinguished career and achievements, he was appointed to the Privy Council in July 1991 and as a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 1995. Bourque and his wife Sharleen had three children. He died in Ottawa on October 19, 1996.

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See also Government of the Northwest Territories Legislation (1966- ); Indigenous Knowledge; Métis; Northwest Territories

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