Luigi Amedeo Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando Francesco was born in Madrid, Spain, on February 11, 1873, the third son of Princess Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo della Sisterna and Spain's King Amadeus, Duke of Aosta. His father abdicated the Spanish throne only 11 days after his birth and returned to his birthplace in Turin, Italy. Luigi was privately tutored and at the age of six was enrolled in the Italian Navy as a cabin boy, performing menial duties with no special privileges. By his teenage years he had sailed to ports around the world, mastered French, English, German, Spanish, and some Arabic, earned a degree in mathematics, and was promoted to midshipman in the navy. He spent time on shore with his aunt, Queen Margherita, a pioneer, female mountain climber, and ascended many major peaks in the Alps such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. He later joined noted British climbers Alfred Mummery and Norman Collie for ascents in the Alps. The Duke died at his home in Somalia on March 18, 1933.

Ted Heckathorn

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