Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier was born in Banbridge, Ireland on September 17, 1796. As a younger member of a large, well-off lawyer's family, Crozier's upbringing was comfortable. He joined the Navy at age 13, and his first long voyage was to the Pacific aboard HMS Briton between December 31, 1813 and July 7, 1815. His first three Arctic voyages were under Edward Parry (April 29, 1821 to November 14, 1823; May 8, 1824 to September 12, 1825; March 25 to October 17, 1827), as a consequence of which Crozier rose to the rank of lieutenant. In 1836, Crozier sailed under James Ross to rescue trapped whalers in Davis Strait and on September 19, 1839 he sailed as Ross's second-in-command to the Antarctic. Between then and September 4, 1843, he explored and carried out scientific work. On May 19, 1845, Crozier sailed as second-in-command to Sir

John Franklin on his attempted voyage through the North West Passage. No one returned from this expedition, and all that is known is that Crozier died somewhere in the central Canadian Arctic sometime after April 25, 1848.

John Wilson

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