David Crantz was born in Naugard in Hinterpommern, Germany, in 1723. Coming from a poor man's family he experienced a harsh childhood. Early in his life he was given away to be raised in a priest's home, which influenced the young man's pietistical worldview. He studied theology at the University in Halle. In 1765 at the age of 42, Crantz married Agnes Lange in Herrnhut, who became the mother of his three sons. Crantz died during the Moravian preacher's conference in Gnadenberg in Niederschlesien in 1777, where he was also buried.

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Crantz, David, Historie von Grönland, 2 volumess, Barby and

Leipzig: Ebers and Weidmanns Erben, 1765 Cranz, David, The History of Greenland: Containing a Description of the Country, and its Inhabitants; and Particularly, a Relation of the Mission Carried on for Above These Thirty Years by the Unitas Fratrum, at New Herrnhuth and Lichtenfels, in That Country, 2 volumes, London: The Brethren's Society, 1767 Crantz, David, Alte und Neue Brüder-Historie oder kurz gefaßte Geschichte der evangelischen Brüder-Unität, Barby and Leipzig: Ebers and Weidmanns Erben, 1771 Crantz, David, The Ancient and Modern History of the Brethren: or a Succinct Narrative of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren, or Unitas Fratrum, In the Remoter Ages, and Particularly in the Present Century, translated by Benjamin La Trobe, London: Strahan, 1980 Finze-Michaelsen, H., "Die Sache des Heilands D.C. (1723-1777): Sein Leben und seine Schriften." Unitas Fratrum, 41 (1997):75-108

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