Leif Eriksson (Leifr Eiriksson) was born c.970, probably in Haukadalur (Iceland). His parents were Eirikur borvaldsson (also known as Eirik the Red) and bjööhildur J/rundardöttir. Eriksson lived much of his adult life in Brattahliö, Greenland. According to Saga of Eirik the Red, Eriksson had an illegitimate son by a noble woman referred to as börgunna in the Hebrides, where Norse settlers frequently visited from the 8th century onward. This son, who was named borgils, later came to Greenland, and was believed to possess magical powers. According to the saga, börgunna predicted that their son would cause Eriksson unhappiness, which may be a reference to a legend now lost. No wife of Eriksson is mentioned in the Vinland Sagas.

Sverrir Jakobsson

See also Eirik the Red; Norse and Icelandic Sagas; Vinland

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