Vladimir Vladimirovich Atlasov was born in the town of Yakutsk, Russia, in 1661. Conflicting information exists about the date of his birth in Russian historical literature. His father was Vladimir Timofeevich Atlasov, a Yakut Cossack-explorer, who married a Yakut woman, a representative of the Sakha aboriginal people. Atlasov was admitted to the Cossack service in the czarist army on the day of his father s death on July 3, 1682. He served on the southern frontiers of Yakutia and was subsequently appointed as a tax collector among the Yakut, Evenk, Even, and Yukagir. In 1698-1699, he traveled to Kamchatka. In 1701, in Moscow, he received the rank of a Cossack leader. On his return to Yakutsk, he was arrested for robbery and imprisoned for five years. In 1706, Atlasov was discharged and was sent to Kamchatka as a ruler of this region. Atlasov died in 1711 during a Cossacks' and hunters' rebellion.

Panteleimon Petrov

See also Anadyr; Chukchi; Itel'men; Kamchatka Peninsula; Koryak; Tungus; Yakuts; Yakutsk; Yuk-agir

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