George Washington De Long was born on August 22, 1844 in New York City, and died on October 30, 1881 at Lena Delta, Siberia, Russia. He graduated from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, in 1865, after having been admitted by sheer persistence following the attempts of his family and bureaucracy to thwart his admission in 1861. A series of normal ship and shore assignments were marked by his dedication, perseverance, and leadership. Having already met and impressed Henry Grinnell when preparing for his duties aboard Juniata on the 1873 Polaris search, he was recommended by Grinnell to James Gordon Bennett for financial support when the matter of a North Pole expedition was raised. His wife Emma was tireless after her husband's death in promoting his memory and the valiant story of the Jeannette expedition.

Hal Vogel

See also De Long Islands; New Siberian Islands Further Reading

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