Poul Egede (1708-1789), the son of Lutheran missionary Hans Egede and his first wife Gertrud Rask, was born on September 9, 1708, in Vgen, in Norway, where his father was serving as a Lutheran priest. He published a Greenlandic dictionary in 1750, a Greenlandic grammar book in 1760 and, the first edition of the New Testament in Greenlandic in 1766—his crowning achievement. He went on to be invested as bishop for Greenland in 1779. Married three times— to Elisabeth Maria Frauen in 1742, to Marie Christine Thestrup in 1753, and to the latter's sister Christine Amalie Thestrup in 1771—his son Hans also became a missionary in Greenland, where he served from 1770 to 1778. He died in 1789.

Neil Kent

Further Reading

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