Douglas Charles Clavering was born at Holyrood House, Edinburgh, on September 8, 1794, the eldest son of Brigadier-General Henry Clavering and Lady Augusta Cambell, daughter of the fifth Duke of Argyll. Entering naval service at an early age, he served as midshipman on the frigate HMS Shannon during the famous engagement with the American frigate Chesapeake off Boston, Massachusetts, in June 1813, when he was 18 years old. His courageous conduct was mentioned in dispatches from Captain Philip Broke. He later served as lieutenant on the sloop HMS Spey in the Mediterranean, and in 1821 was appointed commander of HMS Pheasant, then off the west coast of Africa. There he met with then-Captain Edward Sabine. During a voyage together across the southern Atlantic, Clavering and Sabine conducted observations on the pendulum at Sierra Leone, the island of St Thomas, Ascension Island, Bahia and Maranham (Brazil), Trinidad, Jamaica, and New York (United States). Precise observations were also made on the direction and velocity of the equatorial current. Clavering's Arctic voyage took place in 1823. Soon after returning, Douglas Clavering was assumed lost at sea, aged 32, during the summer of 1827 when his ship, HMS Redwing, bound from Sierra Leone was sunk. Wreckage was found but all hands were missing. He bequeathed his name to Clavering 0ya, the island off the coast of East Greenland, partly encircled by 0le R0mer Land and Wollaston Foreland, where he had named the eastern extremity Cape Mary.

Ian D. Hodkinson

See also Hudson, Henry; Hudson's Bay Company; Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund); Sabine, Edward; Scoresby, William

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