Arctic Norway

Arctic Norway includes the north of Norway, mainly the county of Finnmarken. Economic development takes advantage of the closeness to the North Atlantic Ocean and the fact that the Gulf Stream secures icefree harbors. The harbor in Narvik ships Swedish iron around the world. The sea route from Bergen to Nordkap has functioned as an economic development corridor transporting both products and passengers both south-north and north-south. Svalbard, the Arctic territory under Norwegian sovereignty with its own Treaty since 1920, has a strong strategic position for the setup of Norwegian economic policy. Arctic Norway plays a main role in Norwegian economy due to fisheries, gas and oil, and utilization of hydroelectric power. Oil and gas have been still more fundamental for Norwegian economic development. Since Norway became a sovereign state, the Norwegian regional policy has been the main economic policy and a balanced economic growth including a nonconcen-trating town policy essential for economic development. The small Saami population has specific economic rights and a Saami Parliament has been established. The Arctic part of the Norwegian state has become a still more integrated part of Norwegian economic development.

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