* Estimates made by Herger from the eustatie sea-level changes given by Peltier for each ice sheet (with a total of 118 m ai The LGM; I998a,b) by multiplying his values by 0,4 x 10* km' to compare with (LGM-PRS) of Dutrieux (1997). Sec text.

* Same as in note (a) but for Lambeck maximum reconstruction of eustatie sea-level changes, with a total of 125 m at LGM. ' Contribution of the individual F.urasia and N. America ice sheet is not calculated.

4 Estimated from data, not calculated by the model.

' Northern hemisphere value contains an additional eustatie sea level of 5 m for mid-latitudes mountain glaciers. ■ NH + SI I value contains an imbalance of 10 m in sea-level change.

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