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The basic state of knowledge in the field of weather/ climate and human health allows for the delivery of a number of advisory services in order to enhance the capability of societies and individuals to properly adapt to climate and climate change. As regards risk factors, biometeorology has to inform and advise the public and decision makers in politics and administration with the aim of recognizing and averting health risks at an early stage, in the framework of preventive planning, for example by making recommendations for ambient environmental standards, by evaluation of location decisions, and by consultation on adaptive behaviour. Thus services for improving health and well-being of the population can be provided as a result of the work of the National Meteorological Services (NMSs).

Climate services can contribute to identify the most appropriate approaches, measures, technologies, and policies to improve the adaptive capacity to climate and climate change. Examples are given from the fields HHWSs and precautionary planning in urban areas. The significance of these issues also in the context of the climate change problem is obvious. Evidently, the services required for the good health, safety and well-being of national communities can be significantly improved if NMSs are ready to tap into the existing body of knowledge, practices, research and technology to design and deliver appropriate biometeorological information and advisories to the public in order to support people in proper adaptation.

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