" pg° = log K; log K estimated from free energy (AG?) data. pg° is the pg to expect at equilibrium if the ratio of the oxidized and reduced species are at unit activity:

b pgw is the p;:° normalized to constant pH:

pg^, = p£° + n (- 7.4); pH here = 7.4. cpgc is the calculated pg using the measured activities of the oxidized and reduced species:

assuming: pressure (N2) = 0.76, [S04'1 = 28 x 10~3 mol/kg; pH = 7.4.

Table 16-7 The surface or enzyme-catalyzed reaction rate constant, kMn, for oxidation of Mn2+ normalized for oxygen concentration [02], pH and particulate concentration [X]. d[Mn2+]/d£ = kMn [Mn][02][0H]2[X]

Catalytic surface

Particulate concentration (mol/1)




Mn(II)0 (/¿mol/1)




8 x 10"3

0.2 m NaC104

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