Thomas Rossby

University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island

Volume 1 Beno Gutenberg. Physics of the

Earth's Interior. 1959* Volume 2 Joseph W. Chamberlain. Physics of Volume 12

the Aurora and Airglow. 1961* Volume 3 S. K. Runcorn (ed.) Continental Volume 13

Drift. 1962* Volume 4 C. E. Junge. Air Chemistry and

Radioactivity. 1963* Volume 5 Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Volume 14 Businger. An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics. 1963* Volume 6 L. Dufour and R. Defay. Volume 15

Thermodynamics of Clouds. 1963* Volume 16

Volume 7 H. U. Roll. Physics of the Marine

Atmosphere. 1965* Volume 17

Volume 8 Richard A. Craig. The Upper

Atmosphere: Meteorology and Volume 18

Physics. 1965*

Volume 9 Willis L. Webb. Structure of the Volume 19 Stratosphere and Mesosphere. 1966* Volume 20

Volume 10 Michele Caputo. The Gravity

Field of the Earth from Classical Volume 21 and Modern Methods. 1967* Volume 11 S. Matsushita and Wallace H. Campbell (eds.) Physics of

Geomagnetic Phenomena. (In two volumes.) 1967*

K. Ya Kondratyev. Radiation in the Atmosphere. 1969* E. Palmen and C. W. Newton. Atmospheric Circulation Systems: Their Structure and Physical Interpretation. 1969* Henry Rishbeih and Owen K. Garriott. Introduction to Ionospheric Physics. 1969* C. S. Ramage. Monsoon Meteorology. 1971* James R. Holton. An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology. 1972* K. C. Yeh and C. H. Liu. Theory of Ionospheric Waves. 1972* M. I. Budyko. Climate and Life. 1974*

Melvin E. Stern. Ocean Circulation Physics. 1975 J. A. Jacobs. The Earth's Core. 1975*

David H. Miller. Water at the Surface of the Earth: An Introduction to Ecosystem Hydrodynamics. 1977

*Out of Print

Volume 22 Joseph W. Chamberlain. Theory of Volume 38 Planetary Atmospheres: An Introduction to Their Physics and Volume 39 Chemistry. 1978* Volume 23 James R. Holton. An Introduction Volume 40 to Dynamic Meteorology, Second Edition. 1979* Volume 24 Arnett S. Dennis. Weather

Modification by Cloud Seeding. Volume 41 1980

Volume 25 Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Volume 42 Businger. An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics, Second Volume 43

Edition. 1980

Volume 26 Kug-Nan Liou. An Introduction to Volume 44

Atmospheric Radiation. 1980 Volume 27 David H. Miller. Energy at the

Surface of the Earth: An Volume 45

Introduction to the Energetics of Ecosystems. 1981 Volume 28 Helmut G. Landsberg. The Urban Volume 46

Climate. 1981 Volume 29 M. I. Budyko. The Earth's Climate:

Past and Future. 1982* Volume 47

Volume 30 Adrian E. Gill. Atmosphere-

Ocean Dynamics. 1982 Volume 31 Paolo Lanzano. Deformations of Volume 48

an Elastic Earth. 1982* Volume 32 Ronald T. Merrill and Michael

W. McElhinny. The Earth's Volume 49

Magnetic Field. Its History, Origin, and Planetary Perspective. 1983 Volume 33 John S. Lewis and Ronald G. Prinn. Planets and Their Atmospheres: Origin and Evolution. 1983 Volume 34 Rolf Meissner. The Continental Crust: A Geophysical Approach. 1986 Volume 50

Volume 35 M. U. Sagitov, B. Bodki, V. S. Nazarenko, and Kh. G. Tadzhidinov. Lunar Gravimetry. 1986 Volume 51

Volume 36 Joseph W. Chamberlain and

Donald M. Hunten. Theory of Planetary Atmospheres: An Introduction to Their Physics and Volume 52 Chemistry, Second Edition. 1987 Volume 37 J. A. Jacobs. The Earth's Core, Volume 53

Second Edition. 1987

J. R. Apel. Principles of Ocean Physics. 1987

Martin A. Uman. The Lightning

Discharge. 1987

David G. Andrews, James R.

Holton and Conway B. Leovy.

Middle Atmosphere Dynamics.

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