Cso2coso cso3coso2

CH3SCH3 + OH -<• multistep CH3SCH3 + OH -> multistep CH3SCH3 + OH -> multistep CH3SH + OI I multistep ^


- ch3soch3

-> ch3so3h so2

h2s+oh so2+oh-hso3+o3 so3+h2o so2


multistep S02 HSO3

(Heterogeneous reaction)

(S02)aq + HzO HSO3" + H+ (HSO3" -H+ + SO3

CH2(OH)2 + HSO, ~ H2O + CH,OHSO3-10a. (H202)g <-> (H202)aq

HS03 + (H202)aq -> multistep ^ H+ + SO|~ 10b.(03)g~(03)aq

HSO, + (03)aq - multistep - H+ + SO2" 10c. (H02)g <-> (H02)aq (H02)aq - H+ + 02-(H02)aq + 02 ^ (H202)aq + OH-HSO^T + (H202)aq multistep - 2H+ + SO4 10d.HSO3"+O2-»(OH)aq

HSO3" + (OH)aq - multistep -> H+ + SO| lOe. HSO3" + 02 -> multistep H+ + SO

11. Evaporation

12. S04~ in cloudwater -

13. Washout, rainout

14. Dry deposition

15. Cloud nucleation

17. MSA - SO|~ by some mechanism in rainwater

(Modified with permission from R. J. Charlson, W. L. Chameides, and D. Klay (1985). The transformations of sulfur and nitrogen in the remote atmosphere. In "The Biogeochemical Cycling of Sulfur and Nitrogen in the Remote Atmosphere" (J. N. Galloway, R. J. Charlson, M. O. Andreae, and H. Rodhe, eds), pp. 67-80, D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht.)

Table 13-2 Major sulfur fluxes (Tg S/yr)

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