This chapter arose from a workshop sponsored by SCOPE in early 1994 in Canberra, Australia. I. Noy-Meir, M. Fox, B. Fox, S. Morton, J. Landsberg, A. Beattie, H. Gitay and S. Lavorel participated in the workshop and contributed to the concepts summarized here. L. Huenneke gratefully acknowledges the SCOPE support for travel and participation in the workshop, and the contributions by the Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University, which hosted the workshop. Earlier drafts benefitted from comments by W. Schlcsinger, W. Whitford and the volume editors. Support for manuscript preparation by LFH was furnished by the Jornada Long-Term Ecological Research Program (NSF grants DEB 92-40216, 94-111971) and the US Bureau of Land Management/National Biological Service program for research on global change.

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