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The Millionaires Brain Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Alvin Huang and Winter Valkois
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Price: $47.00

Winners and losers of Arctic climate change

Government representatives watched proudly as 50 tonnes of tusks - with a street value of about 25,000 - went on sale. 'There are those who say that to sell the riches of the republic abroad is a bad thing', argued Tatiana Gladkova, a provincial minister for entrepren-eurship and tourism, 'but the problem is, if you don't gather the tusks and bones in time they start to decompose. So we've decided, better to make money than to let these riches go to waste'. Gladkova knew that for many nomadic tribesmen this booming market represented an opportunity to make money, and this was why, under a recent law, they had been allowed to collect what they found and then sell up to half a tonne to licensed traders. Most of the merchandise was sold to Japanese and Indian buyers, who are adept at using mammoth ivory as decorative jewellery. One particularly large tusk fetched 2,000.10

Introducing climate capitalism

How did we end up with this way of responding to climate change And are efforts to buy and sell units of carbon little more than a scam, where business people and financiers get to make money without delivering real cuts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Or, do these new markets represent the start of the greening of the global economy, a serious attempt to mobilise those with power in the global economy to address perhaps the greatest challenge we have ever collectively faced More specifically, can they lead to the decarbonisation we need Many people have increasingly come to realise that climate change is the issue of the age. It impinges on every aspect of the things that keep us alive - food and energy - as well as the ways we make money, such as trade, industry and transport. Whereas once climate change was a quirky subject discussed in obscure scientific journals or amongst people who get excited about technology, it is now part of everyday discourse. As these connections are...

Beneficial Introductions and Specificity

Classical biological control efforts are seldom instituted until a pest outbreak occurs, and, even then, there can be a delay because of the time involved to search for, import, quarantine, mass-rear, and release new agents. Although not generally followed, another approach is preventative biocontrol, the introduction of promising exotic biocontrol agents prior to the appearance of a forecasted or expected target pest. Except for strict monophages, oligophagous agents may be introduced for establishment on alternate prey host species in association with the target agroeco-system (Stary et al., 1993). These then are present to attack the arriving pest, possibly before it is detected by humans. The approach provides a temporal advantage, and more or less limits population outbreak of the invading pest. Switching from a native host to a related introduced species can occur with striking results, and may include the indigenous beneficials (LaSalle, 1993). Understanding the host range of...

Water Pollution Prevention and Control

Once a groundwater or a surface water is contaminated, the cleanup cost is very high. In general, a contaminated groundwater or surface water must be decontaminated to meet the Federal and the State drinking water standards and the State Guidelines if the groundwater or surface water source is also a potable water supply source. Even if a receiving water (either a surface water or a groundwater) is not intended to be used as a water supply source, the cleanup cost and the loss of revenue can be as high as hundreds of millions of dollars. Pollution prevention before contamination occurs is always better and more economical than pollution control after contamination occurs.

Spatial SciENcE METHoDS MoDels And Gis

Coastal and marine geographers study how temperature changes could increase sea levels, the intensity of hurricanes, and the extent of beachfront erosion. Many beach communities along the Atlantic Coast spend millions of dollars replenishing beaches that have been destroyed by severe wave action. If sea levels rise and storms become more intense, these communities will have to spend even more money maintaining their coastlines.

Regional Geography People Place And Region

Global warming will also have economic impacts that vary regionally. Panama is currently investing hundreds of millions of dollars expanding its famous canal. However, if the Northwest Passage does become commercially viable, this might undermine the ability of Panama to recoup its investments in an enlarged canal. Other cities that depend on oceanic trade, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, may suffer economically as trade is diverted away from Southeast Asia northward through the Arctic Ocean.

Cross Sectional Analysis

One can even go a step further and use farmland values as the dependent variable to implicitly incorporate crop switching without limiting the analysis to certain crop types. Farmland values reflect the value of land if it is put to its most profitable use, whatever that may be. An example might illustrate this point. New York City's Mayflower Hotel On the Park was a medium sized hotel on Central Park West at 61st Street. In the early 2000s it sold for an astonishing 400 million dollars. Why would anybody pay 400 million dollars for a medium-sized hotel The first thing the new owner did was to knock down the old hotel and build a new luxury condominium (15 Central Park West) that reported apartment sales exceeding 1 billion dollars a

Measures of Closeness

The million-dollar question is What method should be used to compare the model-simulated streamflow values and the observed streamflow data A visual comparison of the two time series plotted together on the same graph is intuitively appealing (Fig. 2) but is made difficult by the large number (say n) of time steps at which the simulated streamflow values must be compared to the observed data. If E, e, st ot, t 1, , represents the vector of differences between each simulated flow (sf) and its corresponding observed data value (o,), the method of visual comparison will involve adjusting the parameters to simultaneously make each one of the e, differences as small as possible. Because this approach is subjective, different hydrologists will tend to judge different model-simulated time series (and their associated parameter sets) as being better. Further, while it may be relatively simple to decide that a certain approximate region of the parameter space gives better simulations than some...

Penetration of Lake Vostok

Another concept is based on the possibilities of the penetration of Lake Vostok from another location, and not from Vostok Station. The resulting time involved in this proposal would lead to years of logistic preparations related to construction of a new manned station in Antarctica, and related deep drilling. This could lead to potential contamination of the lake by virtue of the introduction of hundreds of tons of equipment, fuel, drilling liquid, food, and a number of individuals that would occupy the site for many months, to say nothing of the millions of dollars spent to achieve goals that might result in the uncontrollable contamination of Lake Vostok water. Goals that are questionable could be solved by using the existing Vostok Station as a base for the final drilling of ice and exploration of the lake. In favor of the latter, a rule of science states that if it is possible to conduct an experiment (in a philosophical understanding of the word), it should be done as soon as...

Evaluating Ecosystem Services Provided By Oyster Reefs

All of these sources as well as atmospheric deposition. Nitrogen loading at levels of 30 kg N ha-1 yr-1 within Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts, resulted in the loss of 80 to 96 of the total extent of seagrass beds, and seagrass beds were completely absent in embayments with loading rates that doubled this amount (Hauxwell et al. 2003). They also found that nitrogen loading increased growth rates and standing stocks of phytoplank-ton, which likely caused severe light limitation to SAV by reducing light penetration through the water. Kahn and Kemp (1985) created a bioeco-nomic model to estimate damage functions for commercial and recreational fisheries associated with the loss of SAV in the Chesapeake Bay and determined that a 20 reduction in total SAV in the Bay results in a loss of 1-4 million dollars annually in fishery value. If improvements in water quality from oyster reef habitat increase the amount of SAV in the estuary, then the value of augmented fishery resources created by this...

Positive new directions to promote the transition

On the one hand, one might say not much. The 'pressure to lend' that has been in place since at least Robert McNamara's term as World Bank president has caused staff and board to measure job performance by the quantity of funding moved to the borrowers. This has meant that modest renewable energy and efficiency investments of appropriate scale are rarely viable in the race to place loans in amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars.27 In speeches, papers and personal communications, staff at all levels of the MDBs have long revealed a fixation with the need to lend money 'at the speed of business' and to become as efficient in making loans as the private sector in order to compete - to win a share of the loan business of developing countries. For example, new World Bank President Robert Zoellick's first public speech emphasized how the Bank 'would be simplifying the procedures and cutting interest rates We aim to be faster, better and cheaper.'28 But they have it exactly wrong....

Invasive Species Introduced Unintentionally

A worse risk may be the IAS that are introduced unintentionally, such as disease organisms that can devastate an entire tree species that is being used to restore a habitat. The Dutch Elm disease (Ophiostoma ulmi and O. nova-ulmi) and the American chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) in North America are notorious examples. Pests can have profound economic impact on native forests or plantations, such as gypsy moths (Lymantria dispar) or long-horned beetles (Anoplophora glabripennis). The economic impact of such pests amounts to several hundred million dollars per year.420 Much of this economic toll is felt in forested ecosystems, even within well-protected national parks.

Interaction with public policy

The corporate sector's history in public policy has not been good. The public image of a 'corporate lobbyist' is of someone working to protect a narrow vested interest, often against the interests of society as a whole. There are plenty of famous examples of companies, or groups of companies spending millions of dollars in opposition to progressive public policy, whether it is tobacco companies in the 1960s and 1970s questioning the link between

Decline in Winter Sports

In fact, even famous ski resorts such as Aspen, Colorado, may be put out of business. By the middle of the century, according to some reports, springtime snowpack in the Rocky Mountains is expected to decrease by 37 percent and as much as 80 percent in the Southwest. And in New Hampshire, some experts predict that the number of ski days will be reduced by 10 to 20 percent. The global ski industry today is estimated at about 4 billion, so the economic losses from these changes could easily run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Slow Going For A Few Million Years

It is odd to think about highly intelligent human beings living such incredibly primitive lives. Their brains were capable of everything ours are now, but they lacked the base of common knowledge available today. If one of their babies were somehow brought into the modern era and raised in today's society, he or she would have just as good a chance as any of us to become an astrophysicist, a carpenter, or a billionaire manufacturer of malfunctioning computer software. This

Buying our way out of trouble

Other entrepreneurs embraced the idea of offsets as a win-win opportunity to promote conservation and make money at the same time. The climate dimension was secondary. Their natural allies were groups working on forestry issues, such as Global Canopy, that were seeking new revenue streams for their work on forest conservation. Individual entrepreneurs also saw an opening. Dorjee Sun, for example, founder and head of Carbon Conservation spent many years trailing around Indonesia trying to persuade governors to guarantee forest protection in exchange for investments from carbon buyers.4 Despite meeting scepticism from the likes of Starbucks and failed attempts to persuade E-bay to set up virtual trading places, he eventually succeeded in forming a carbon-credits-for-forests partnership with Merrill Lynch.5 The calculation was that credits bought now will be more valuable in the future, especially if UN negotiators could be persuaded to include Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and...

Council Of Athapaskan Tribal Governments

The Council is recognized as nonprofit tribal consortium that administers federal, state, and private foundation grants and contracts through the authorization of the tribally elected chiefs. With central offices in Fort Yukon, the Council employs members from each tribe. It is the largest employer of tribal peoples in the region, with over 60 positions, and manages an annual budget of over four million dollars. The Council is organized through a board of directors, consisting of the tribally elected chiefs from each community. Since the chiefs work directly with their tribal councils and within their respective villages, the input of the community becomes an integral part of the functioning of the Council. Public participation, community outreach, and educational awareness are essential parts of the operation. Board meetings are open to the public and held throughout the villages.

Animal Rights Movements And Renewable Resources

Conservation, maintaining ecological processes and genetic diversity, but accept the sustainable use of wildlife and ecosystems, although they do not favor commercial harvesting. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), formed in 1969 in reaction to the seal hunt, takes the position that it is immoral for humans to impose suffering on animals. Further on the spectrum, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was formed in 1980, on the philosophical foundation that animals are not ours to eat, wear or use for entertainment. They do, however, allow that humans may have pets. At the far end of the spectrum, the Animal Liberation Front feels justified in threatening and harming humans in retaliation for perceived animal harm, and has taken responsibility for letter bombs and terrorist attacks in Europe and North America, and actions such as releasing animals from a cancer research laboratory and causing millions of dollars in vandalism damages. While some AR groups are...

The DHS Waste Reduction Program

With the passage of Assembly Bill 685 (AB 685, Farr), the Department was endowed with funding to provide grants to promote the research and commercial demonstration of technologies for reduction, recycling and treatment of hazardous wastes. Since its inception in 1985, the grants program has undertaken 68 research projects through three annual grant cycles. A fourth cycle is presently commencing, with requests for grant proposals currently being solicited. Initially provided with 1 million in annual funding, the budget for the grants program has been increased twice to the current level of 1.8 million dollars.

Networks For Climate Change

Specific campaigns have been directed in particular at the carbon offset markets, both in the CDM and in the voluntary carbon market. These markets have been widely regarded as a means by which rich consumers in the West merely displace their high-carbon consuming practices by buying offsets for their emissions cheaply in the South. This is referred to as 'carbon colonialism' a new way of acquiring land and resources in poor countries to sustain profligate consumption of the rich. To this criticism is added that of 'climate fraud' that many of the projects double-count emissions paid for by other clients or that the scale of the emissions reduction is exaggerated or non-existent.35 Groups have lodged complaints over the carbon-neutral claims of companies and wealthy individuals, challenging what they consider to be the 'scientifically dubious practice of planting trees to compensate for pollution'. Their arguments are informed These policies are opposed because they turn climate...

Mitigating The Dangers Of Future Impacts

Spaceguard is a term that refers to a number of different efforts to search for and monitor near-Earth objects. The United States Congress published a Spaceguard Survey Report, mandating that 90 percent of all large near-Earth objects be located by 2002, and some programs were funded at a level of several million dollars per year toward this goal. Present estimates are that the original goal will be met by the year 2020. One of these efforts is the Catalina Sky Survey, which discovered 310 near-Earth objects in 2005, 400 in 2006, and 450 in 2007. A loose organization of observers and astronomers in several countries meet to discuss strategies, progress, and ideas about asteroid detection through the International Astronomical Union. However, it is noteworthy that these efforts were not sufficient to detect two meteorite impacts with Earth an explosion over the Mediterranean in 2002 and the crash of a meteorite in the Bodaybo area of Siberia on September 25, 2002. The meteorites were...

US Response to Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol

The Bush administration has proposed a voluntary program of reducing GHG intensity by 18 in the next 10 years (U.S. Department of State, 2002). GHG intensity is defined as the ratio of GHG emissions to economic output. The administration proposes to lower the current GHG intensity of 183 metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE) per million dollars of GDP to 151 MTCE per million dollars by 2012 through voluntary and incentive-based measures. A key component of the administration's proposal is the creation of tax incentives for the development of renewable energy, hybrid and fuel cell-powered vehicles, co-generation and landfill gas, and other new technologies. In response to this proposal, some businesses have developed their own voluntary initiatives to reduce GHG emissions (White House, 2003).

Hazards of Poisonous Gases

Steps have recently been taken to reduce the hazards of additional gas emissions from these lakes. in 2001 a team of scientists from Cameroon, France, and the united states installed the first of a series of degassing pipes into the depths of Lake Nyos, in an attempt to release the gases from depths of the lake gradually, before they erupt catastrophically. The first pipe extends to 672 feet (205 m) deep in the lake and causes a pillar of gas-rich water to squirt up the pipe and form a fountain on the surface, slowly releasing the gas from depth. The scientific team estimates that they need five additional pipes to keep the gas at a safe level, which will cost an additional 2 million dollars.

Groundwater Extraction

May be temporary, or recoverable, but generally once surface subsidence related to fluid extraction occurs, it is non-recoverable. When this process occurs on a regional scale, the effect can be subsidence of a relatively large area. Subsidence associated with underground fluid extraction is usually gradual but still costs millions of dollars in damage every year in the United States.

Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act Anilca

Despite the title of ANCSA, Alaska Natives were not the only or primary beneficiaries of the legislation. Under the terms of the settlement, Alaska Native regional and village corporations received approximately 962 million dollars and 44 million acres of land. In exchange, claims over the remaining 330 million acres of land and aboriginal rights to hunt and fish were extinguished. A consortium of oil companies was permitted to build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which led to the development of the largest oil fields in the United States, enormous profits for the industry, and substantial revenues and royalties for the state of Alaska. The President and Congress were able to achieve what they wanted most a domestic source of oil that would counter earlier price increases for fuel and heating oil. Finally, the dreams of environmental groups for protected public lands were realized through the requirement that the Secretary of the Interior withdraw up to 80 million acres for inclusion into...

Florida International university

As part of an effort to protect the millions of dollars invested in research programs at universities, the federal government set up the Disaster Resistant University (DRU) program. In 2007, FIU became the first public university in Florida to become DRU-certified. Under this program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has responsibility for reviewing and approving the DRU certification. When a major storm requires the evacuation of people from locations vulnerable to wind damage, storm-surge, or flooding, the university is one of the designated hurricane shelters for residents of Miami-Dade County. Also, when a Category 3 or higher hurricane threatens the Florida Keys, FIU is the officially designated shelter for people seeking sanctuary from the approaching storm.

Government International National Local 8241 Technical

Governments at the local to national level are often managers of tourism-recreation lands and other resources (e.g., national parks, reservoirs) and as such, governments utilize many of the technical climate adaptation strategies already discussed in the tourism operators section. A recent example includes government response to changes in the phenology of cherry trees in Japan. Japan's cherry blossom is a national symbol and the basis of a multi-million dollar flower viewing tourism industry. The timing of the peak bloom varies with the seasonal weather and recent warm springs have caused the peak bloom to occur too early for local festival organizers. The local government in Hirosaki have commissioned scientists to 'programme' the cherry bloom at the 'appropriate time' by experimenting with sprays and plant hormone injections as well as piling snow on the base of trees to slow the onset of blossoms (Parry 2005).

Tourism Recreation Operators

The ski industry uses three major types of technological adaptations to improve snow reliability snowmaking systems, slope development and operational practices, and cloud seeding (Scott 2006b). Snowmaking is the most widespread climate adaptation used by the ski industry and has become an integral component of the ski industry in some regions (eastern North America, Australia, Japan). Over the last 30 years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in snowmaking systems in order to expand operating seasons and increase the range of climate variability that ski areas could cope with. Figure 8.3 illustrates the diffusion of snowmaking technology in the in the five ski regions of the US from 1974-1975 to 2001-2002. In the mid-1970s there was much greater use of this adaptation in the Northeast and Midwest ski regions than regions with higher elevations like the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific West. Since then that difference has been gradually diminishing. A similar east-west...

Ecocide And Globalization

WWF, Rain Forests on Fire Conservation Consequences. NB The year 1997 saw some of the worst forest fires in human history. Indonesia lost 247,000 acres of virgin tropical rain forest, much of which had probably never burned before (80 per cent of these fires were caused by a neo-patrimonial oligarchy of billionaire palm-oil plantation owners and associated investors). Brazil's burning season swallowed 5 million acres of forest. Overall, more than 12 million acres of land went up in flames in an area roughly the size of Costa Rica. In 1998, again vast stretches of tropical forest were reduced to charcoal. Another 9.6 million acres were lost in Brazil. To the north, fires raged here and there through central America, and up into the highland cloud forests of southern Mexico, one of the last places in that country where it was still possible to find the quetzals, jaguars, and other species that have shaped thousands of years of indigenous culture. During the 1980s, the last time an...

Mobilising the power of investors

This process is known as the securitisation of insurance risks. Traditionally, insurers have insured themselves (a process known as reinsurance) against the sorts of risks that are low in frequency but high in costs when they do occur. Earthquakes, terrorism, flooding, hurricanes, are the sorts of events involved, many of which are weather- or climate-related. But with the rise in payouts for such events from around 1990 onwards, and increasingly confident claims that such a rise is connected to increases in extreme weather events (rather than, say, the simple fact that more rich people now live in risky places like Florida, which is certainly a factor), insurers started to worry that The growth of interest in and attention to climate has in effect stimulated other strategies for financiers. There is now a range of products which reflect the entrepreneurial opportunism of some financial institutions in inventing new ways to make money, which nevertheless enable some people to cover...

Agricultural Solutions To Climate Change

Researchers are also studying how to use other plant materials to produce fuel. Cellulosic ethanol is not yet a commercially-viable strategy, but many predict that it will be in the near future. Cellulose is the fibrous or woody part of many plants. For example, high concentrations of cellulose are found in the stock and leaves of corn. It would be beneficial to use this part of the corn for ethanol production because it is usually considered a waste product. Cellulosic ethanol would allow the corn kernel to be used for food rather than as a source material for ethanol. The challenge is that the sugars in the cellulose are tightly bound to starch molecules. Consequently a more expensive, enzyme-driven process must be used to convert the sugars into alcohol. Therefore, cellulosic ethanol is not commercially viable now, but many countries, including the United States, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to discover how it could become a commercially viable fuel.

Government And Markets

Tools to shift assets to long-term value aligned with ecological health. But many, in Peter Senge's words, fail to summon the imagination and courage to face the fact that they are selling the wrong products . . . to the wrong customers (Senge, 2008, p. 310). Few will, without strong, imaginative, and farsighted government leadership of the kind we associate with the founding of the United States, Lincoln's response to the secession of the Southern states, and Franklin Roosevelt's leadership in the 1930s and during World War II. Corporations acting in disorganized or unregulated markets will not act consistently for the public good when it no longer serves their short-term shareholder interests. To do otherwise would be fatal to the management of underperforming companies. The cardinal rule of capitalism is to make money, and no amount of greenwashing can hide that fact.

Conclusions From state security to human security

We are frustrated, and we are angry at the same time. We are victims of something we are not responsible for I think it's about time these industrialized countries realized that these countries in the Pacific are taking the toll. We are bearing the brunt of all the gas emissions. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on wars all over the world. Can they save people like us (Bernard Galie, resident of Piul, Carteret Islands, 2006)

Notforprofit agencies

The term NGO also implies independence from government, which often enables NGOs to promote, or expose activities and events in ways the government cannot. NGOs, then, need to be resourced effectively. For instance, the budget of the American Association of Retired persons (AARP) in 1999, was over 540 million, and, in 2003, Human Rights Watch spent and received 21.7 million. As such, many NGOs rely heavily on membership funds, donations, fundraising, grants, and sponsorships to resource their activities. To some NGOs, it is important to maintain financial independence from government at all times. Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations, but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants. Nonetheless, many NGOs depend in part on government funding. For example, the British Government and the European Union (EU) donated a quarter of Oxfam's budget ( 162 million) for famine relief in 1998. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) operates...


This chapter has shown that the tail-end of hurricanes and tropical storms affect Western Europe far more commonly than was previously known. Along with high winds, high precipitation events and flooding they can also cause significant numbers of fatalities and injuries and can cause extensive damage running to hundred of millions of dollars in the most extreme events, similar to the biggest and severest of the mid-latitude storms. In the context of global warming and in particular the rise in sea surface temperatures in the tropics the likelihood of more of these events arriving in Western Europe and being more tropical when they arrive will increase as the century progresses (El Ni o not withstanding). As a result more attention needs to be paid to these events and the frequency with which they affect Western Europe.

Effects Of Coal

While coal provides an affordable and easily accessible form of fuel for electricity generation, there are severe environmental, human health and economic effects of coal. The combustion of coal contributes more pollution than any other type of fossil fuel. Fifty percent of all U.S. electricity comes from coal combustion. Just one 500-megawatt coal-fired power plant produces about 3 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Using this much coal for electricity generation causes environmental problems such as acid rain, land pollution, and global climate change. Coal has also been linked to increased incidence of respiratory ailments such as asthma, shortness of breath, and chest pains. Finally, remediating the damage done by coal combustion can cost thousands to millions of dollars.

Flash Flooding

Globally, flash floods are responsible for an average of 5,000 deaths and millions of dollars of property damage each year. Many regions do not have the forecasting or notification technology to alert vulnerable populations to oncoming flood events. Since 2006, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has been working to implement a system known as the Flash Flood Guidance Center with Global Coverage, which would give developing countries greater ability to mitigate loss of life in flash-flooding events.


Governor Roman Abramovich is one of Russia's leading billionaire oligarchs, with interests in oil and gas, aluminum, real estate, airlines, and food production. Beginning in 2001, his companies invested over US 200 million a year in Chukotka on infrastructure and budget support, transforming the lives of Chukotka's small population. Entire native settlements have been rebuilt, borrowing techniques and expertise from the Canadian North. Former state agricultural enterprises (sovkhozy) are the channel for investment in the traditional economy mainly reindeer herding and marine mammal hunting. Anadyr is the focus of major infrastructural investment, renewing energy generation, transport facilities and public works, and hotels, government offices, and cultural and sports facilities have been built.

Poverty And Ecocide

Hence, since the 1980s, Indonesian forests have been subjected to the largest artificial forest fires in human history, irreparably destroying much of the evolutionary vestiges of the most biologically diverse patchworks of ecosystems and habitats of the planet. These apocalyptic fires exposed some 100 million people to a thick smoky haze (which could be viewed through satellite photographic transmission on the Internet). The poor visibility due to smoke caused fatal airplane crashes and ship collisions in a region ranging from Borneo to Singapore. The air quality became so poor that the governments in the region were forced to declare a temporary state of emergency. At one point, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad even wore a surgical mask in public - and urged his compatriots to do the same.27 Mike Davis offered an insightful comment Billionaire arsonists set almost the entirety of the Malay Archipelago ablaze with their greed.28

Malini Mehra

This is a moment of decision for India. How can a country with one sixth of the global population, and more billionaires than Japan, not play a leadership role on the climate agenda As the world's third largest economy (in purchasing power parity terms), and the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs), India's positive engagement will be crucial to constructing a global deal on climate at Copenhagen, the next pivotal meeting of governments that are party to the Framework Convention on Climate Change.1


Potential for the future diamond stock of Russia. According to experts' evaluation, the total value of extracted gem quality diamonds in Russia reaches 1.3 million US dollars a year, and 2.3 million dollars annually including industrial diamonds. The physical amount of output, according to foreign evaluations, reaches 8-9 million carats of gem quality diamonds a year. Over 80 of stones are extracted from the Udachnaya pipe. A small amount of high-grade jeweller diamonds was obtained by the state enterprise Uralalmaz in the Permsky region. Output has fallen in the 1980s, the amount of output of all sorts of diamonds had reached 40 million carats, including jeweller diamonds 14 million carat.

Flash Floods

The national record for the highest, single-day rainfall is held by the south Texas region, when Hurricane Claudette dumped 43 inches (1.1 m) of rain on the Houston area in 1979. The region was hit again by devastating floods during June 8-10, 2001, when an early-season tropical storm suddenly grew off the coast of Galveston, dumping 28-35 inches (0.7-0.9 m) of rain on Houston and surrounding regions. The floods were among the worst in Houston's history, leaving 17,000 homeless and 22 dead. More than 30,000 laboratory animals died in local hospital and research labs, and the many university and hospital research labs experienced hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Fifty million dollars were set aside to buy out the properties of homeowners who had built on particularly hazardous floodplains. Total

Tsunami nightmare

The magnitude 9.0 Sumatra earthquake that caused the Indian Ocean tsunami was detected by American scientists who tried to warn countries in soon-to-be-affected regions that a tsunami might be approaching. However, despite efforts by some scientists over the past few years, no systematic warning system was in place in the Indian Ocean. Initial cost estimates for a crude system were about 20 million dollars, deemed too expensive by poor nations who needed the funds for more obviously pressing humanitarian causes. When the earthquake struck on a Sunday, scientists who tried calling and e-mailing countries and communities surrounding the Indian Ocean to warn them of the impending disaster typically found no one in the office and no systematic list of phone numbers of emergency response personnel. Having a simple phone-pyramid list could have potentially saved tens

Criticisms Of Ngos

The NGO movement, however, is not without its critics. Many question the accountability of NGOs. For example, the work undertaken by World Vision, in coordinating the relief effort resulting from the Tsunami in South East Asia in 2005, has sustained attacks that the donated monies, millions of dollars in this case, were not reaching the intended victims. Many NGOs working in developing countries are partly funded by their own governments, and have been criticized as being a front for foreign government policy. Critics argue that this makes NGOs accountable to their funders, not the people they work with. This division has often been characterized within a debate about northern (Western) vs. southern (developing world) NGOs.

Selecting a Team

Quality circles have been instituted by many companies, particularly in manufacturing industries, to improve product quality and production efficiency. These quality circles (sometimes referred to as TQM, total quality management) consist of workers and supervisors sharing ideas on proposed improvements. Quality circles are often successful because they involve production people who are closely associated with the operations and truly appreciate being part of the decision-making process. Several companies with quality circles have used them effectively to solicit suggestions for waste reduction that have saved millions of dollars.

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