where hi is the reaction rate constant of the individual NMHC reaction with OH. It is important to note that any NMHCs derived from Eq. (5) along the backward Lagrangian trajectory, e.g. initial NMHCs and consumed NMHCs, are a sum of OH reactivity-weighted NMHCs, not a straight sum of NMHCs.

2.4. Ozone production rate

Values of the ozone production rate, P(Ox), derived from Eq. (1) are shown as a function of NOx concentration in Fig. 2. OBM-based P(Ox) in the KaoPing area can range from a few to 10 ppbv/h when the NOx concentration is less than 10 ppbv. When the NOx concentration is increased to 30 ppbv, P(Ox) can be as large

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