VsDLM a VsDLMty Vsdlm

where Vsdlm(qa) and VsDLM(q') are as defined in Eq. (5). Note that by definition, AT(q') = AT( qa ) + AT(qn q na

(4) Defining the new centroid for plotting the centroid-relative track

Conventionally, the centroid-relative tracks based on geography centers are often plotted to illustrate the binary interaction. This picture is often misleading, since the actual binary interaction is generally a function of the strengths of both vortices, and would not rotate with respect to the geographic center (Lander and Holland, 1993; Carr et al., 1997; Carr and Elsberry, 1998; Wu et al., 2003). In this article, the definition of the centroid from Wu et al. (2003) is discussed, i.e. the centroid between storms A and B is defined as the location weighted according to the strength of the steering flow induced by the PV perturbation associated with each storm:


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