Structures of several N-PACs identified in ambient air (and references) are shown in Table 10.3.

As an example, we saw earlier, replacing the CH2 group in the parent PAH 7//-benz[<ie]anthracene, XII, by a keto group, C=0, gives 7//-benz[<ie]anthracen-7-one, XIII (benzanthrone). It is well known as a major O-PAC in combustion-generated emissions and ambient air (see Table 10.4) and the 3-nitro derivative,

3-nitrobenzanthrone (3-nitro-7//-benz[ife]anthracen-7-one, XXIV) was recently identified by Enya et al. (1997) in both diesel exhaust and ambient air; it is an extremely powerful, direct bacterial mutagen:

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