Selected Iupac Nomenclature Rules For Natom Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds

Endocyclic PACs. There are two approaches to naming endocyclic N-PACs, e.g., dibenz[a,/z]acridine, VII (see Later, 1985; and Later et al., 1990). In one style, the ending ine is used for endocyclic 6-mem-bered rings, e.g., pyridine and quinoline. As with PAHs, if a benzo group is fused to a given side, the letter for that side is placed in brackets; e.g., addition of a benzo group to the h side of quinoline forms benzo[/z]quinoline (note letters and numbers within square brackets are italicized, as with PAHs). Alternatively, it is named relative to the carbon atoms involved in the benzo-ring fusion (that constitute the ends of side h), i.e., 7,8-benzoquinoline:

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