FIGURE 10.34 Mutagrams (Ames assay, microsuspension modifications, TA98, - S9) of extracts of ambient particulate matter collected on a filter in Claremont, California, August 28, 1987 (Arey et al., 1992; Harger et al., 1992) and the percentage of the total mutagenic activity from environmental chamber reaction products vs HPLC fraction number of the gas-phase atmospheric reactions of the semivolatile phenanthrene, fluoranthene, and pyrene, respectively (Sasaki et al., 1995). The mutagenicity of fraction 6 from the phenanthrene reaction is due to the product 2-nitro-6//-dibenzo[6,d]pyran-6-one (the nitrophenanthrene lactone xi); 2-nitrofluoranthene (xxvii) is the mutagenic compound in fraction 4 from the fluoranthene reaction. Two nitropyrene lactones were tentatively identified in fraction 6 from the pyrene chamber reaction (adapted from Atkinson and Arey, 1994, and Arey, 1998a).

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