" 2.5-nm interval centered at given A.

h IUPAC recommendation (Atkinson et al., 1997a) and De-

More et al. (1997) recommendation based on Cantrell (1990).

tion channels:

CH3CHO + hv -» CH3 + HCO, (30a) -» CH4 + CO, (30b) -> CH3CO + H. (30c)

The quantum yield for (30c) is < 0.01 at all wavelengths above 290 nm and hence can be ignored. Table 4.27 summarizes the recommended quantum yields for (30a) and (30b) (Atkinson et al., 1997a).

There are fewer data available on the photochemistry of larger aldehydes, but it appears that when such compounds are present in air, they may also serve as significant free radical sources. For example, Cronin

TABLE 4.25 Recommended Quantum Yields for Photolysis of HCHO"

Wavelength (nm)


H2 + CO

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