UTM easting (km)

FIGURE 10.23 The 1993 annual averages lor the hlAlv2 human cell mutagenic potencies shown in parentheses (induced mutant fraction X (106) per pg of equivalent organic carbon) and mutagen densities shown without parentheses (induced mutant fraction X (106) per m3) of samples collected at four urban community air monitoring sites across southern California and at a "regional background" site, San Nicolas Island (adapted from Hannigan et al., 1997). The grid is in universal coordinates. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Claremont are shown for their locations relative to the four mainland sampling sites. Note that the values shown here for mutagen densities are larger by a factor of 1.7 than those in the Hannigan et al., 1997, article to "reflect a recalibration of the air flow rate through the sample." The mutagenic potency data were not affected and remain unchanged (Cass, private communication; see also Hannigan et al., 1998).

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