Wavenumber (cm"1)

FIGURE 6.20 Infrared spectrum of the products of reaction of 19 ppm (CH3)2NH with 5.5 ppm 03 at room temperature and in 740 Torr air: (A) product spectrum; (B) after subtraction of (CH3)2NCHO, CH3N02, HCHO, and HCOOH absorptions; (C) after subtraction of (CH3)N=CH2 and C02 absorptions (adapted from Tuazon et al., f994).

The subsequent reactions of the alkyl radical formed in reaction (80a) and the dimethylamino radical in (80b) are expected to be as follows:

-» HONO + CH2 = NCH3, (83b) (CH3)2N + (CH3)2NNO2 -»

no no2


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