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FIGURE 16.37 Trends in NOA, particle nitrate (PN03), S02, and particle sulfate (PS04) as a function of year. The 3-year means of the annual top 30 daily means are shown. NOA and S02 were measured at Long Beach (western end) and particle nitrate and sulfate at Riverside (the eastern end) (kindly provided by Leon Dolislager and B. Croes, California Air Resources Board).

Chameides and co-workers (1992) examined the observed concentrations of ozone and its precursors, NOx and VOC, in a variety of tropospheric locations, from remote marine areas to polluted urban regions. Figure 16.38 shows ranges of observed NOx and OH-reactivity adjusted VOC (expressed relative to propene) in four different types of atmospheres: urban-suburban, rural typical of the eastern United States, remote tropical Brazilian forests, and remote marine boundary layer. Also shown are isopleths for 03 production during midday calculated using a box model.

As discussed by Chameides and co-workers, the data

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