Exposure time (min)

FIGURE 5.31 Change in surface concentrations of N(ls), O(ls), and Cl(2p) as a function of exposure time of an NaCl(fOO) single crystal to gaseous HNO, (adapted from Laux et al., 1996).

recent ones include data on both gas-phase and heterogeneous reactions and are published in the readily available Journal of Physical Chemical Reference Data (Atkinson et al., 1997a,b).

NASA also carries out kinetic evaluations for reactions of interest in the stratosphere (although many of them are also important in the troposphere) (DeMore et al., 1997). This document can be obtained from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California Institute of Technology, Document Distribution, MS 512-110, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109) or through the Internet (see Appendix IV).

Finally, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States has several chemical kinetics databases that are available for purchase from the Office of Standard Reference Data at NIST. The NIST Standard Reference Data Base f7 gives gas-phase rate constants through 1993 and Data Base 40 gives solution-phase data through 1992. In addition, aqueous-phase data are available through the Radiation Chemistry Data Center of the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (

In addition to these highly useful data sets, periodically there are reviews directed to the reactions of one particular species (e.g., OH, N03, or 03) or group of compounds (e.g., ROz radicals). These are referenced in the appropriate sections of Chapter 6. For example, a review of the gas-phase tropospheric chemistry of

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