where the symbols are as defined earlier, R is the gas constant and wav is the average molecular speed in the gas phase.

There are several limiting cases of Eq. (PPP) of interest in atmospheric systems:

1. Fast gas transport, high solubility, and / or fast reaction. In this case, l/yne, approaches l/a; i.e., the maximum value for the measured uptake approaches the mass accommodation coefficient.

2. Fast gas transport, low solubility, and fast reaction. In this case, rso, rrxn and Eq. (PPP) becomes

1 1 Mhv


where ymcas is the measured uptake coefficient for the gas.

3. High solubility (and / or short exposure times), no reaction. In this case, the rate of mass transfer due to diffusion and solubility is large and Eq. (PPP) becomes

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