1. As discussed in this chapter, a relatively new area in indoor air pollution is that of hydroxyl radical chemistry. However, the importance of indoor OH chemistry (as well as 03 and NO-, chemistry) is determined by the rates of the reactions compared to the rate of air exchange. An OH concentration of 7 X 105 cm"3 has been reported in an indoor air environment by Weschler and Shields (1997a). Assess the importance of the OH reaction for the removal of limonene indoors compared to its removal by reaction with 03. The 03-limonene rate constant is 2 X f0~lh and the OH-limonene rate constant is f.7 X 10"1(1 cm3 molecule-1 s"1. Take the 03 concentration to be 20 ppb. How do these compare with a typical air exchange rate of 0.75 h_1 used in these experiments?

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