FIGURE 10.38 Mechanism of oxidation of naphthalene in air by OH (from Sasaki et al., 1997a).

As discussed earlier (see Fig. 10.26), the contributions of 1- and 2-nitronaphthalenes and the methylni-tronaphthalene isomers to the vapor-phase mutagenicity of extracts of daytime and nighttime samples of ambient air in Redlands, California, were determined by Gupta and co-workers (1996) and shown to be major contributors to the overall vapor-phase mutagenicity of ambient air. Furthermore, the researchers demonstrated that both daytime OH radical initiated and nighttime N03 radical initiated reactions of naphthalene and the methylnaphthalenes are important in pol-

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FIGURE 10.39 Mechanism of NO, radical reaction with naphthalene in air (from Sasaki et al., 1997a).

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