Reactions Of Simple Aromatic Hydrocarbons

tory studies where higher NOx levels are used, a significant portion of the OH-aromatic adducts may be trapped by NOz, rather than reacting with 02. As a result, the products from some laboratory studies may not be directly applicable to ambient air.

More recent measurements (Bjergbakke et al., 1996) report the observation of the H0-ChH602 peroxy radical by UV absorption (which has been controversial; see Koch, 1997, and Pagsberg, 1997). This study reports rate constants for the OH-CftHfi adduct of ~5 X 10"13 cm3 molecule"1 s"1 with 02 and f X fO"11 cm3 molecule"1 s"1 with N02, in which case reaction of the adduct with NOz is not expected to be important. This is clearly an area that warrants further study in order to be able to extrapolate reliably the results of laboratory studies to atmospheric conditions.

Species such as cresol are known to be products of the toluene oxidation and have commonly been assumed to be formed via reactions such as (63)

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