Nitrous Acid

As discussed in Chapter 1, nitrous acid is important in tropospheric chemistry because it photolyzes to form OH:

Measuring experimentally the quantum yields for reaction (15) as well as the absorption cross sections has been difficult because of contamination of the HONO by other, strongly absorbing species, particularly N02, necessitating corrections for their contributions to the absorption. However, it is believed, based on studies by Cox and Derwent (1976/1977) that the quantum yield for reaction (15) is 1.0 at A < 400 nm.

Figure 4.14 shows the absorption spectrum of gasphase nitrous acid and Table 4.13 gives absorption

TABLE 4-13 Recommended Absorption Cross Sections (Base e) for HONO"

Wavelength (nm)

1020(T (cm2 molecule ')

Wavelength (nm)

1020<T (cm2 molecule ')

Wavelength (nm)

1020(t (cm2 molecule "1)

0 0

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