3. Chlorine Atoms (CI)

Chlorine atoms react with aromatic hydrocarbons, but only at a significant rate with those having saturated side chains from which the chlorine atom can abstract a hydrogen or unsaturated side chains to which it can add. For example, the rate constant for the CI atom reaction with benzene is 1.3 X 10"15 cm3 molecule"1 s"1 (Shi and Bernhard, 1997). On the other hand, the rate constants for the reactions with toluene and /j-xylene are 0.59 X 10"10 and f.5 X 10 10 cm3 molecules~', respectively (Shi and Bernhard, 1997), and that for reaction with /ยป-cymene is 2.1 X 10"1(1 cm3

molecule 1 s 1 (Finlayson-Pitts et al., 1999). Hence no no,

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