Modulation of the sea level pressure over northern Asia

Activation of air-sea energy exchange over water surface free of ice led to responding oscillations in sea level pressure (SLP) of atmosphere. Based on 1-month scale of the atmosphere-ocean adjustment we investigated the SLP October time series for a number of Siberian stations for last century. Smoothed SLP curve at Fig. 4 demonstrates an evident modulation of atmospheric pressure by ice extent in the end of summer (see Fig. 2). In fact, maximum in ice extent attributed to the end of 1920s corresponds to minimum in SLP at the same time. Similar correspondence is valid for early 1940s and late 1960s. Therefore, a high ice extent corresponded to a low SLP and vice versa. It was valid till the end of 1970s, when this relationship turned to opposite: the ice extent decreasing was corresponded to the SLP dropping.

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Fig. 5. The SLP (mb) nonlinear trend (station Berezovo: 63° N, 65° E) for October: 1900-2000.

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