Snowline altitude

The average climatic snowline is the elevation above which snow will survive the summer melt season. It is indicative of both snowfall amount and SAT, the latter especially in summer. It is around 1200-1400 m in Iceland and 700-900 m in Jan Mayen, decreasing northeastward. In Svalbard, it is only 200 m in western coastal regions,

January April

January April

Figure 2.20 Mean surface air temperature (°C) for January, April, July and October (adapted and updated from Rigor et al., 2000, by permission of AMS).

rising inland to 800 m (Koryakin, 1990). On Novaya Zemlya it decreases from 400600 m on the western, Barents Sea coast to 200-300 m on the eastern Kara Sea coast. On Severnaya Zemlya the snowline lies between 400 and 600 m, compared to Franz Josef Land where it is about 250 m and on De Long Island in the New Siberian Islands where it lies at 300 m.

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