This book would not have been possible without the help of many individuals at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Our deepest appreciation goes to Nancy Geiger-Wooten, Miranda Lavrakas and Naomi Saliman for their skills in graphics and editing. Terry Haran and Ken Knowles provided satellite data, while Cindy Brekke smoothly coordinated undergraduate assistants. Doug Young and Tom Priestly kept the computers running. Florence Fetterer always had the latest information on sea ice conditions. To our reviewers - Todd Arbetter, Yarrow Axford, David Bromwich, John Cassano, Richard Lammers, Amanda Lynch, Drew Slater and John Walsh - all of you were instrumental in helping to improve the content, presentation and rigor of the text. Jeff Key provided figures specifically for this book, as did Andy Barrett, Ken Fowler, Richard Lammers, Jim Maslanik, Jamie Morison, Ignatius Rigor, Julienne Stroeve and Hengchun Ye. A host of colleagues took time from their busy schedules to answer questions and provide guidance. The list includes Terry Chapin, Clara Deser, Jennifer Francis, Jim Hurrell, Dave McGuire, Walt Meier, Giff Miller, Anne Nolin, Jim Overland, Ola Persson, Gavin Schmidt, Kevin Trenberth and Tingjun Zhang. Sabbatical leave in spring 2004 allowed Roger Barry to focus on some of the final writing. Without the enthusiasm of Ray Bradley, Mark Serreze might have never become interested in climate science. Finally, special thanks go to Neil Swanberg, director of the NSF/ARCSS program, and Waleed Abdalati at NASA for their support of both our research and that of the wider Arctic community.

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