The sciencepolicy interface in a regional regime

What role do regimes play for how science influences policy? This section highlights the policy-impact end of the tension between the co-production of science and policy with a focus on the relationship between the Arctic Council, as a regime (the structure of cooperation), and different actors in the ACIA process. As discussed in Chapter 2 of this dissertation, previous studies have identified three factors as essential for scientific assessments to have policy impact: salience, credibility, and legitimacy. Salience refers to whether the assessment is seen as relevant. Credibility deals with whether it is judged to be reliable; while legitimacy refers to whether it is deemed respectful for the relevant audiences. There are often a tensions and tradeoffs among salience, credibility, and legitimacy for different audiences.10

This section uses these concepts to investigate the role of various actors and how their relationship to regimes can help explain the dynamics between the scientific assessment and the policy process in the ACIA. It especially highlights the role of boundary organizations.

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