The policy process

ACIA included a policy process, which eventually resulted in a policy document. Internationally, climate policy has been an issue for global negotiations, and regional arenas have not played a major role in framing policy concerns. However, with the progress being slow at the global level, regional arenas could potentially provide alternative negotiating opportunities. The Arctic is particularly interesting in this context as the Arctic countries are responsible for a large share of global emissions and include major international actors, such as the United States and Russia. Key questions are thus: What can one learn from the ACIA process about this potential? What dynamics were the most important for the eventual outcome of the process?

This section describes the ACIA policy process as it developed chronologically. Because of the nature of the process, including the confidential negotiations, there is only limited written documentation. Also, I was not present as observer at any of the policy document drafting meetings. This section, therefore, relies heavily on interview accounts. An effort was made to talk to a range of parties, including policy representatives of all major actors in the process.126 However, several interviewees were in a position where they could not speak openly about their impressions or positions. In order to protect confidentiality, attribution of sources is often made only to interview numbers rather than to names.

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

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