The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment ACIA

Climate change became a key issue on the Arctic political agenda in 2000, when the Arctic Council launched the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA). This was the first international regional climate impact assessment and its results have created major media attention since they became public in 2004.18

The ACIA provides an excellent opportunity to examine how international structures and various actors might affect knowledge production. It also allows for a first look at the potential and limitations of international regional knowledge production regarding climate change, in contrast to the efforts at the global level within the IPCC. It does so in a setting that is different from the global context, creating a contrasting analytical window into the role of regimes in framing climate change. Moreover, the assessment's regional scope allows a focus on key issues of the interplay between governance and knowledge production at different level. With a trend towards devolution of political power to indigenous peoples of the region, the Arctic is also likely to provide an illuminating empirical base for analyzing the interplay of political power and knowledge production.

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