Guidelines for the AMAP Phase II Assessments. AMAP report 2001:1.

Report from the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Modeling and Scenarios Workshop. January 29-31, 2001. Stockholm, Sweden.

Summary Report of the Seventh Assessment Steering Committee (ASC) Meeting, 19-20 April 2001, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials Meeting. Rovaniemi, Finland, June 12-13, 2001. SAO2001B4.

Minutes from the Fifteenth Meeting of Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme Working Group. Stockholm, Sweden, 30 August, 2001. Including Minutes of the Fourth Assessment Steering Group II/Cross-Fertilization Meeting. Stockholm, Sweden, August 27-30, 2001. AMAP report 2001:2.

Minutes of the 2nd Joint AMAP-CAFF Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 31 August 2001.

Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials' Meeting. Espoo, Finland. November 6-7, 2001.

Summary Report of the Eighth Assessment Steering Committee (ASC) Meeting, 3-5 December 2001, Ottawa, Canada.

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