IIIA case study of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

The case study of the ACIA is presented in two chapters. The purpose of Chapter 5 is to provide the reader with an overview of the ACIA process and thus the immediate context for the framing of Arctic climate change in the ACIA reports, which is the focus for Chapter 6.

Chapter 5. Science and Policy in the ACIA Process analyzes the ACIA process from a perspective of how the co-production of climate science and policy has played out in the Arctic regional arena. A specific focus is on the interplay between international regimes and the way in which various actors use or challenge current structures in international cooperation. The chapter provides a chronological account of both the scientific and policy processes in the ACIA based on formal documentation, observations, and interviews. The emphasis is on how the ACIA process develops rather than the final content of the ACIA reports.

Chapter 6. The Scientific Framing of Arctic Climate Change is based on content analyses of ACIA's scientific and overview reports and discusses what issues are brought to the fore, why, and by whom. It analyzes ACIA's framing of Arctic climate change in relation to its knowledge base and also in relation to how the context of the assessment might explain why the reports place more emphasis on some issues and less on others. As background for a discussion on the role of regional climate impact assessments in a global context, the chapter also compares the ACIA scientific report to the IPCC's 2001 assessment.

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