Global local and regional a focus on spatial scale

One of the striking features from both the qualitative and quantitative analyses of ACIA's scientific report is that some chapters clearly frame Arctic climate change as a global issue while other chapters instead start their analysis from local issues, of which climate change is one of many interacting factors. In fact, a principal component analysis of 37 selected words in the chapters in the ACIA report shows the words global and local, along with words that closely correlate with global and local, describe much of the variation among chapters, see Box 6.1. and Box 6.2. The circumpolar spatial scale is not as prominent in the individual chapters of the scientific report, but is more prominently featured in the overview document, together with a message that the Arctic is a bellwether for what is in store globally. This section explores how global, regional, and local spatial dimensions are featured in the ACIA reports and possible factors behind different preferences. It also includes a discussion of the assessment's geographical coverage.

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