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Workshop in Tromso to identify needs and requirement for an assessment Presentation of a proposal for the ACIA to the Arctic Council

Large scoping workshop to discuss content of the ACIA

Arctic Council approves ACIA's implementation plan

First joint meeting between AMAP and CAFF regarding the ACIA

Second joint AMAP-CAFF meeting decides on process for the ACIA policy document Cross-fertilization meeting among ACIA chapters and first meeting with science writer and with Policy Drafting Team. Initial list of key findings developed.

First draft of ACIA's scientific report for review

Informal meeting on Svalbard with Senior Arctic Officials to present ACIA's major science results and work of Policy Drafting Team Policy Drafting Team produces its "London draft." United States calls policy process into question. Senior Arctic Officials dismantle Policy Drafting Team. Assessment Steering Committee discusses review of scientific report and initial draft of overview document

The Assessment Integration Team discusses review of the overview document Overview document and scientific results presented to the AMAP Working Group and CAFF Working Group

Informal meeting of Senior Arctic Officials in Nuuk to get the policy process moving again Editing and production of scientific report and overview document. Circulation of chair's draft for a policy document for comments Continued negotiation of the policy outcome

Formal release of the overview document. ACIA Scientific Conference.

Arctic Council ministerial meeting, including presentation of ACIA's policy document ACIA's scientific report in print

IPCC's Third Assessment Reports

IPCC's Fourth Assessment Reports

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