Box 62 Global regional and local

Scale words in ACIA's scientific chapters

The table shows the significant correlations between mentions of some words referring to spatial scale (global, regional, local) and selected words in the chapters of the ACIA scientific report (0.01 confidence levels) based on Kendall's tau. The number of mentions in each chapter has been corrected for the size of the chapter. The following words were included in the analysis: global, regional local, community, people, indigenous, political, temperature, precipitation, ice, snow, permafrost, ecosystem, species, marine, terrestrial, freshwater, atmosphere, chemical, economic, social, biology, cultural, im-pact(s), adaptation, vulnerability, sustainable, conservation, resource(s), ultraviolet or UV, biodiversity, carbon, model(s), scenario, monitoring, observation(s) case study(ies), and IPCC.

Positive correlations Negative correlations

Global IPCC 0.630 community 0.490

model 0.582 atmosphere 0.551

Local cultural 0.661 atmosphere 0.459

adaptation 0.660 indigenous 0.630 social 0.593 people 0.581 political 0.509 economic 0.503 resource(s) 0.477

Use of scale words




i i global

□ regional local

Comparing ACIA and IPCC

The bar graph illustrates how often the words global, regional, and local are mentioned in the ACIA scientific report and the 2001 reports from IPCC's Working Groups I and II. The number of mentions have been corrected for the size of the reports with the ACIA report as standard.



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