An emerging Arctic regime

If Arctic scientific cooperation was stifled by military and strategic concerns during the Cold War, the late 1980s and the 1990s signaled a new era for this part of the world. Environmental and scientific cooperation became key policy concerns. Towards the turn of the millennium, the Arctic was increasingly creating a new international role for itself

153 Selin and Linnér, The Quest for Global Sustainability.

with an onus on environmental stewardship and attempting to define what sustainable development might mean for the region. The emerging Arctic regime also became a site where colonial views of the Arctic were increasingly challenged by indigenous peoples. This section summarizes some of the recent political developments in the Arctic, including the birth of several new organizations, which later set the stage for the ACIA. I argue that it has become increasingly salient to talk about an Arctic regime, with principles and norms set apart from other regimes. The Arctic regime is much broader in its issue scope than the global climate regime, with environmental collaboration and sustainable development as overarching themes for its work, but narrower in its geographic scope with a regional rather than global participation.

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