A ACIAs scientific chapters and IPCCs chapter on polar regions

A perceptual map of chapters 1-18 in the ACIA scientific report and chapter 16 (Polar Regions) in IPCC's Working Group II report based on a principal component analysis of frequency of use of the following words: global, regional, local, community, people, indigenous, political, temperature, precipitation, ice, snow, permafrost, ecosystem, species, marine, terrestrial, freshwater, atmosphere, physical, chemical, economic, social, biology, cultural, impact, adaptation, vulnerability, sustainable, conservation, management, resources, ultraviolet or UV, biodiversity, carbon, model, scenario, monitoring, observa-tion(s), case study(ies), and IPCC. The statistical treatment is the same as in Box 6.1. The analysis shows that the IPCC chapter on polar regions less frequently uses words such as resources, people, politics, local, and social. The analysis does not reveal to what extent this relative lack of emphasis is because IPCC's polar chapter includes both Antarctica and the Arctic. In relation to the second dimension, described by words such as species and biological, IPCC's polar chapter is at the center of ACIA's chapters.

Comparing ACIA's chapters and IPCC's polar chapter, selected words

IPCC polar


-3-2-10123 atmosphere, precip. < > resources, people

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