Support to the author for some of the published and unpublished data presented here has been provided by the Keck Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Lacawac Sanctuary, and Blooming Grove Hunting and Fishing Club. This manuscript was completed while the author was on sabbatical leave from Lehigh

University and supported in the laboratory of Horacio Zagarese, Univ. Coma-hue, Bariloche Argentina, by IAI, (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research). Some unpublished data and instrument use at Crater Lake, OR have been provided by J.H. Morrow (Biospherical Instruments), Gary Larson (US Geologic Survey, Corvallis, OR) and Scott Girdner (National Park Service, Crater Lake). Helpful comments and unpublished data were also provided by Emmanuel Boss (Oregon State University). Other helpful comments were provided by an anonymous reviewer.

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