Lw4 ec[Lw4w cos 00 t004715

\cos Oo

is the irradiance transmittance for Sun zenith angle, 00. The SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS) provides atmospherically corrected ocean colour data at six wavelengths in the visible region in terms of the normalized water-leaving radiance.

The Landsat series of satellites are designed primarily for the remote sensing of the terrestrial surface, and so are not optimized for the much lower reflectance values of the ocean and other surface waters. A standard formulation of the relation between irradiance reflectance at the surface (pw(4)), remotely sensed radiance at the top of the atmosphere (Lt(4)), and atmospheric conditions, used for the Landsat satellites is n[Lt(4)-Lpath(4)]/t(0v, 4) (7 17

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